Why I Prefer Polyamory

Why I Prefer Polyamory:

-Polyamory is the philosophy[, preference, orientation,] or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time (I think this definition is quite generally useful and applicable, yet polyamory looks different for nearly everyone as there many other categories and terms to think about–and combinations of these terms can be intersected or disjointed in different people’s lives at different times)

-Here are some polyamory stereotypes and myths, though of course, there are many more

-Here are some polyamorous values or what I call polyamorous virtues (and I enjoyed this ethical framing and question article)

-Also, if you identify as polyamorous and live near a city, then you might be able to find a polyamorous community group or meetup to learn from and engaged with (I did not realize this for many years, yet it is a sweet educational and community resource)

-Polyamory is not for everyone, as humans have evolved to mostly do serial monogamy, and social norms tying into family structure and social growth/ development have mostly revolved around serial monogamy or monogamy for one reason or another, just as some cultures have had norms encouraging polyandry and polygyny for one reason or another. With that said, just because something is a cultural norm does not mean that it should be a cultural norm #naturalisticfallacy, especially when strict norms are over-applied to everyone in a population creating lots of prejudices, stereotypes, and incidents of discrimination


-I have been a fan of polyamory for many years because my personality and goals seem to fit well with having more than one romantic partner at a time in a similar way to having more than one close friend at a time, though I do not actively put much effort into seeking out new partners (or “poly family members”) these days

-In terms of my personality (and skills), I think I deal with jealousy, compartmentalization, communication, scheduling, and honesty well enough to make polyamory doable and beneficial

-In terms of goals (and personality), I think I can be quite the explorer, making use of opportunities to trying to understand deeply and see the world from different people’s perspectives in intimate and non-intimate ways as well as enjoy the company of different people for different reasons over a fairly short span of time, e.g. days (whereas people would normally not find doing so comfortable or easy)

-Polyamory is a more welcoming and open framework (it makes a “weaker philosophical claim” on one’s life) because it does not mandate that one be in a relationship with more than one person (and if one does not put in effort towards being in multiple relationships, then for most people they probably won’t come about, I imagine); it is a position that I see as one that can make the world a less discriminatory and less harmful place, if it was taken on by enough people or at least seen is plausibly functional ethical by most people (though it seems hard for most folks to grapple with the ideas and practices involved in polyamory and all its different flavours, structures and non-structures)


Why do you take the relationship stance that you currently take?
[I think I shall be sure to add a topical question to the end of each article now to hopefully solicit comments and discussion, as Why I can feel a bit painfully individualistic and narcissistic. :]